Much have changed in over two decades in NPC, the succession of the top post in Diliman appointed by the President of the Republic on a co-terminus stint, the reshuffling of the SVP, VP, Managers down to the lowest level of the organization across the nation that traverses island and islet, the EPIRA effect of 2003 and its implications on the whole structure, the reorganization streamlining of the workforce, the sale of big plants in the main grid to private sector, the decimation of the once mighty Government corporation ranking consistently first in Sales and Assets in the Top 1000 corporation of the Philippines with a 2 Billion USD in sales annually and the future of its remaining employees and dependents that are at stake. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pnoy popularity ratings going down!

With every Filipinos starting to lose hope on the new administration, President Pnoy trust rating would slide further, with the sorry event and grim scenario of high level of discontentment among ordinary filipinos it is imperative and in the right direction that a positive attitude towards betterment of the lives of each filipinos be instituted, sour graping and finding faults of the past administration is an exercise in futility. Furthermore, it might worsen when SPUG plants all over the country grind to a halt due to lack of diesel fuel badly needed to sustain operation.(click our link at the left corner of the screen) Though the island grids are not in anyway connected to the mainstream of power supply in the large grid in the mainland, but somehow, it quantify the multitude of rage and hatred towards the government by aggrieved citizens being left out in the dark. The era of massive darkness in the 80’s all over the country during tenure of her late mother Corazon Aquino is in the offing ready to explode. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hi!!! all folks in SPUG Mindanao

A message from the Department.
Welcome to our website for interaction we hope you find the information here relevant and useful to you.
As an agency of the Government tasked in the electrification of our area of responsibility, we are committed to being open and accountable to you, thus, we actively pursue ways to keep you informed about our past, present, future activities, plans and programs. Our website is one of the ways we do this. Read the rest of this entry »


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SPUG Mindanao Profile

SPUG Mindanao network of power facilities which comprises twenty six (26) power facilities loosely distributed all over Mindanao are divided into two domain, the Eastern Division composed of ten (10) plants and the Western area composed of sixteen (16) facilities.

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blogs and blogs! SPUG Mindanao peers, friends, customers let us hear your voice!!

Communication through any means, be it a banter, informal talks, chat, phone call, telegraphic, ambush interview or any form, is such a significant characteristic inherent to human, without communication the world would cease to spin and life meaningless.

Communicate and write to us and make the world a merry go round.

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The trend in public service through delivery of basic service by means of electrification borne by our partner in the island are in extreme edge that many of these utilities are on the brink of closing shop or downsizing their scope of service. The harsh realities of the structure changes in the power industry brought about by the shortsightedness of the powers that be, will remain a heavy burden unforgiving to the present dispensation and the next generation.

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Hello Mindanao!

Welcome to SPUG Mindanao. This is the forum to relate to us your concerns, observation, suggestions and a direct link for interaction with the management. Tons of information are available in our link with other agency in the energy circle. We’ll do the much needed update relative to SPUG operations, plans and program in the future for the information of our valued customers.

Please feel free to post your comments, all observation, comments, criticism, be it constructive, positive or negative will be treated judiciously and attended with much attention. Our commitment for an efficient and responsive management towards customers satisfaction is one policy that SPUG Mindanao will adhere. Our support team in the office and in the field are our strength and the extension of our commitment to serve.

Sooner, i’ll be posting SPUG Mindanao statistics, please be patient.


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